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Ranking Pair-2019

DuPont participates among the most equitable companies in Colombia

Ranking Pair-2019

Next Thursday, July 18, the awards and presentation event of the 2019 Par Ranking will take place. An event that turns 5 years making equity a reality.

The initiative, led by Aequales, the Women's District Secretariat and the College of Administration Studies (CESA), evaluates four categories: goal management, organizational culture, structure and talent management. The multinational of American origin based in Colombia, DuPont, is one of the participating companies for its leadership and practices in the field.

In fact, the event will feature the participation of a select group of guests in which Claudia Jañez, president of DuPont Mexico and Latin America will be. Jañez is one of the most important Mexican executives today. In 2019, she was included for the second consecutive year in the list of the 100 most powerful women in Mexico of Forbes Magazine. Recognition that was added to the one granted by the Expansión Magazine, who also highlighted her female leadership.

In addition to being at the head of DuPont Mexico and Latin America, since this year Claudia Jañez chairs the Executive Council of Global Companies of Mexico (CEEG). Position held for the first time by a woman. The association brings together 51 companies that represent 40% of direct foreign investment in Mexico and 10% of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

The Prize for the Par Ranking will be held on Thursday, July 18 at the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá - Salitre Business Center Headquarters.

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